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Mantle. Connect

Real People. Real Connection.


Don’t feel lost in your own home town. Mantle. connects you with your tribe.

Mantle. Connect + Groups is a private, digital social network for all Mantle. Members to discuss everything from coding, to film, to wine and bourbon, just to name a few.

Unlike other digital spaces for connecting, Mantle. Connect is focused on meeting digitally and in our great clubs and work spaces!

THE CITY CLUB | Digital+ & Digitalx

All Digital Access including Curated Local Discounts

+ Connect on our Digital App with others

+ Global benefits + Directory Access

+ Living Room and Work Partner Access

+ Reserve Conference Rooms a la carte

starting at $8/mo.


+ city directory

Grow Your Life’s Work

The Internet is great. You can type what you are looking for in that little search bar and it delivers thousands of results. But when you are looking for a needle, what you don’t need is a haystack.

Mantle. Connect and its City Directory curate the best professionals in your city. This way when you are doing accounting, or designing a logo, or setting up a corporate structure you can do it in person.

Find the people that can make your dreams come true on Mantle. Connect.

accountants | Advertisers | Designers | Coders | Film Makers | Lawyers | Marketers | Photographers | Social Media | Venture Capital

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+ global partners

Grow Your Life’s Work


You live your life at home, but the world is your playground. Mantle. connects you with the best tools and companies to help you build your business or your social network. So, whether you are trying to build a new company or just look good or jam out to the best bands, Mantle. is working for its members to provide y’all with global partnerships worthy of your passion.

Financing | Office Supplies + Equipment | Technology

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