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Mantle. is curating a better social network, city by city. Join Mantle. City Club and find the best of your city: people, eats, drinks, shops, workouts, and spaces.

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Mantle. went out into your city and made the best restaurants, bars, retailers, and workout boutiques part of your club. Get 10% off at partners - every day.

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Mantle. City Club Members get exclusive access to the Mantle. Wallet App. With your Wallet App, you can get 10% off discounts at our handpicked, locally owned and operated businesses every single day. Membership starts at $10/month so that you can save way more than that by eating, drinking, shopping, and sweating with the best of your city.


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/ˈman(t)l/ noun 

1. The part of an oyster that secretes the calcium carbonate precipitated out into an organic matrix that makes the hard protective shell and often a highly valuable asset, the pearl.

2. The focal point of the living room.

3. A place to start or grow your business as well as a place where you can contribute to a culture that is worthy of both discussion and action.


Mantle. Work Partners

Mantle. partners with the best coworking spaces and shared work spaces in each city we curate. City Club members get access to work partners every month, no matter where they call home. Day rates and conference room rates vary by work partner. Grow a pearl, everywhere.