The City Club Influencer Program



Apply to be an influencer at www.mantlecityclub.com/runthiscity

  • Once accepted get a personalized influencer portal www.mantlecityclub.com/@influencername

  • Post your influencer portal URL in your Instagram profile

  • Find inspiration from your posts by following @msecretconcierge on Insta

  • Create posts and stories tagging your local City Club and using City Club hashtags

  • Send your followers to sign up for Mantle. Wallet on your portal.

  • They will get an automatic email from “you” inviting them to the Wallet. They will sign up with your code in the app.

  • You will be paid $10 per account that completes setup and inputs your personalized code.

  • You will get one point for each account that completes setup and inputs your personalized code.

  • You can earn as many points and $10 commissions as you can within the first 1000 accounts created in your local City Club.

  • The influencer across participating cities that has the most ‘points’ (accounts completed) by July 31 will win a 5 day/5 night trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado, two plane tickets, round trip transport from DEN to your 4 Bedroom Slope-side Condo, and money for rental and lift tickets. Some blackout dates may apply.

  • In addition, you will increase your chance of winning City Cash as Mantle. adds more users through the Red Balloon Project which gives money out to those who sign up users who go on to win money by patroning our City Club Partners.

  • You may maintain your own free Digital City Club and access to Wallet so long as you remain current, post minimum 2x per month from a City Club Partner, don’t cancel your City Club membership.


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Nashville, Tennessee

Jackson, Mississippi

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