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Why I Moved My Family from L.A. to Jackson


Excerpt from Architectural Digest

Of course, Jackson has its faults. As I write this, we’re entering week two of a boil-water alert. But that doesn’t keep Jackson from being an intoxicatingly charming town. While other southern cities race to Brooklynize their downtowns with artisanal cheese shops and bespoke kitchenware stores, Jackson has remained resolutely Jackson. Yes, new places pop up, but Jackson’s best restaurants have been its best restaurants for decades.

And that’s also what gives so much of the city a rare, timeless quality. If State Street in Fondren, Jackson’s walkable shopping district, looks familiar, you might recognize it from the 2011 film The Help, where only the slightest cosmetic changes were required to transform the neighborhood into a 1960s version of itself. If you’re wandering the Fondren strip around lunch, swing into Pig & Pint, a converted gas station that, as its name suggests, offers great barbecue and an unparalleled beer selection. If you’re still strolling by during the evening—and given the variety of shops in the neighborhood, you might be—have a drink at one of Barrelhouse’s outside tables, then head across the street to Walker’s Drive-In, an upscale Jackson classic that has anchored the neighborhood since the 1950s.

by Larrison Campbell, June 2018, Architectural Digest


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