GENERAL Inquiries

How much does it cost to be a partner?

Nothing! You ‘pay’ by giving a 10% discounts when our members show up and spend money in your business.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope! Don’t want to be a Partner any longer? Cancel your account immediately on your Concierge App.

How do I integrate it in our system? 

There is no hard integration.  It’s a simple handshake between your business and our members. When checking out, ask our member to “swipe” their card. They enter the exact or approximate cost of their receipt. You then give them their 10% discount, and any other discount offered. 

Is there a way to track if this thing is really working?

We will keep up with analytics for you and our members. We currently track monthly and total number of ‘swipes’, revenue spent by members, and daily deal success.

What if I want to limit the number of discounts offered?

Easy! Set your discount limits in the Mantle. Concierge App. 

There is a required minimum of one discount per member offered per week.

What if I want to put exceptions on discounts offered?

Easy! Set exceptions in the Mantle. Concierge App.

You can put both standard and custom exceptions in the app. You keep a 10% standard discount as the baseline. You can tailor that discount using exceptions.

Isn’t this just taking a 10% haircut off our bottom line?

No! We limit the number of members in any City Club city. We are really building an army of influencers - we are not focused on getting everyone, simply the people that can bring everyone along with them. Tag-a-longs don’t always get the 10%!


What is a daily deal?

Go beyond the standard 10% discount. Using your Concierge App,  send  messages to your city members and/or offer Daily Deals.

Got a new happy hour? Let your City know about it!

How much does it cost to send a Daily Deal?

Use ‘credits’ to send messages to your City. The number of credits to send a message will vary with the type of message and the number of potential Wallets that you will reach.

In general, each credit equals one dollar.

How do I earn credits?

You will receive five free credits each month. 

Earn additional credits when your customers become City Club Members using your custom partner code.

Convert City Cash* you've accepted into credits on a $1 City Cash to one credit ratio


What is City Cash?

City Club Members can earn  City Cash by inviting their friends to be in the City Club.

Each dollar of City Cash is the equivalent of $1 USD.

Does my business have to accept City Cash?

No way. In fact, you start as a City Club partner optioned out of the City Cash program. Members can, however, sort the Partner Directory in the Wallet App by those Partners that accept City Cash.

Want to accept City Cash? Just opt-in in your Concierge App settings.

Are there any limits on accepting City Cash?

Sure thing! You can limit the amount of City Cash that you will accept in any single visit or transaction from right there in your Concierge App Settings.