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Find Partners in Directory |

  1. Log into the Mantle. City Club wallet app to "get started".

  2. Once you get logged in, you will see your City Club Cards, which group all of our local Partners into three categories: bars + restaurants, boutique workout studios and clubs, and retailers, which really is a catch all for curated businesses that don’t fit in either of the other two categories.

  3. Tap into a Partner to view details and information, including what they do, any exceptions from their base discount, how many times you can use a discount in any given week, and who to talk to if your discount is not immediately recognized.

  4. You can also tap the City Code to change cities if you are traveling, or tap on the Search By criteria to search by Open Deals, who accepts City Cash, and who is close by your location.


Redeem Your Discounts |


  1. First thing you have to do is get out into your city and visit one of our many concierge curated partners, which include locally owned and operated bars, restaurants, retailers, and workout boutiques.

  2. When you arrive at one of our local Partners, let your server or clerk know when its time to check out or pay your ticket that you are a City Club Member.

  3. Check in on your monthly savings in your "ID" by tapping the City Club Thumbprint.

  4. Navigate to your redeem screen by clicking into the appropriate card and swiping over to the right from the Directory.

  5. In some cases, if you are close by many partners, you may have to change your partner by tapping “Choose Partner” to grab the correct partner.

  6. Show the City Club Partner your card and swipe down to redeem your discount.

  7. You will be prompted to enter in the price of your current transaction. Round off to the closest amount and Mantle. will keep track of your monthly savings.

  8. Just as an aside - be honest, choosing more or less does not help you get any leg up in the City Club ecosystem.


Find Daily Deals |

  1. Once we are logged in, we can dig into our wallet and look for Daily Deals and messages from City Club Partners.

  2. Tap one of your City Club Cards and swipe left when you get to a category directory to find Daily Deals and Messages.

  3. Any Partners that have posted daily deals or messages will be waiting right here for you.

  4. Tap on any given Deal or Message and if it looks good to you, save it to your Wallet for use later on in the day.

  5. Let your server or clerk know that you are redeeming your deal before you check out and make sure you add your deal to your transaction on your redeem screen before swiping your card.

  6. Once added onto your transaction, swipe your card like normal to get your deal AND your base 10%. Add your receipt price.

  7. Get 10 daily deals in a month and you can earn $5 in City Cash to spend at participating Partners.

  8. Find your monthly deal count in your ID view by tapping on the Thumbprint at any time.


Invite Friends, Get City Cash |

  1. City Cash is City Club currency that you can exchange with participating Partners on a $1 City Cash for $1 USD exchange. The Partner will take the amount off of your bill and you transfer the City Cash to the Partner in the redeem process.

  2. Get City Cash by claiming and redeeming 10 Daily Deals, or by Inviting Friends into the invite-only City Club.

  3. Check out the Find Daily Deals video for claiming and redeeming daily deals

  4. Inviting Friends is easy too. Simply tap into your ID and choose the “Send an Invite” Button.

  5. Follow the onscreen instructions and send your friends a text inviting them to Join the City Club with your personalized invite code.

  6. That’s it. Once they join up, your $5 of City Cash will appear in your wallet. Tap here into your ID to see your city cash.

  7. Check into your directory, click over to City Cash to see a list of all Partners currently accepting City Cash.

  8. When you make it to an accepting Partner, let your server or clerk know that you will be applying City Cash.


Customize Profile Info |

  1. Tap onto the City Thumbprint to access your City Club ID.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the ID and choose the ‘Profile + Settings’

  3. Here is the info you can change to customize your profile:

    Profile Photo | Notifications | Member Email | Password | Home City | Company | Industry | Payment Source | Cancel Membership